Camping Light with PowerBank

PORTABLE AND LIGHT-WEIGHTED: Our this LED camping Lantern is very light to carry in your backpack. The Camping light can lit your road or surroundings to prevent you from groping in dark, which is very practical and convenient

3 ADJUSTABLE LIGHT MODES: Flashlight, Night Light, Emergency Light. You can change the light mode through touching the front bottom for three times, every time will be a light mode. A flashing red light will be initiated while in Emergency mode when there is help or attention is needed.

POWER BANK MODE: It can be used as a Power Bank to charge your mobile device. So you won’t miss your call while in camping.

HIGH CAPACITY: The camping light is built-in 5000mAh Battery, which can work about 41 hours. It can be wildly used for hiking, camping, fishing, wild meal, emergency, outdoor adventure and so on



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