4ft Luxury Lantern

Linkable 4000 Lumen LED Wraparound Light ESKAA 4000K Daylight White Ultra Bright 4ft 48W Shop Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light for Laundry Rooms Office School Workbenches Parks Garages 1 Pack

✔Ultra brightness — 4000 lumens output at 48 watt, high brightness level fulfill your lighting needs in large applications. Smooth cover allows for a uniform light distribution and no glance, effectively reduce the amount on electric bill.

✔Energy saving– The wraparound lighting operating lifespan is 50,000 hours. LED construction enhances lighting durability, 48W LED Wraparound light, beaming is equivalent of 120W traditional overheads, the beam angle is >210° which is sufficient for the whole space lighting.

✔Easy installation— Simply connect the housing wire to your junction box, then attach its diffuser up. Designed to be surface mounted easily for anyone. We take pride in our products knowing that they're safe, efficient and long lasting.

✔Wide applications –The LED wraparound lighting fixtures are ideal for both residential and commercial lighting, and are perfect for offices, workbenches, kitchens, closets, stairwells, basements, garages, under cabinet, garages, hallways, schools, laundry room, utility room and recreation rooms etc

✔Satisfaction Guarantee– 5-year product warranty, an unlimited warranty means if any issues arises, all customers can get comprehensive services for problem solving and maintenance-free, this is extra protection to you.



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