Emergency Wall Lamp

DECORATIVE DESIGN: A tall-oval design is contemporary modern. The metallic finish looks futuristic. It is more than a wall lamp as to decorate your living room or bedroom.

ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: A turning top head can adjust the angle of light. It can become a spot lamp for decorative item.

HIGH LUMEN: The exclusive selected LED chips deliver highest lumen but no glare to your eyes.

FLASHLIGHT MODE: It becomes a flashlight in white light upto 100 metres with built-in battery.

SOS ALERT: Detach from the cradle and it will alert the others with siren sound for help or attention.

USB CHARGING: It works with any 5V chargers. No extra charger is required. Simply plug in your mobile charger and it starts working like a breeze.

LONG LASTING BATTERY: Bulit-in 4000mAH Lithium battery can work for 8 hours in flashlight mode.



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